Zen Den is a fully integrated wellness practice, home to Zen Den Medical as well as numerous cutting edge therapies and ancient healing practices focused on treating the individual with holistic, personalized health solutions.

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Nutrition Analysis

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With hundreds of diets and supplements out there, finding a program that works for you is daunting and overwhelming. Most of us have already tried a variety of diets, cleanses, and supplements. Some programs can be effective, most are very difficult to maintain over time and tend to be too general and impractical over the long term.


At Zen Den Medical our nutrition team will help you identify a program that both fits your lifestyle, your wellness goals, and addresses your specific body chemistry.


Simply changing to healthier foods does not unfortunately guarantee proper absorption and assimilation by your body, at least not initially. Most of us have various imbalances that prevent our body from functioning properly over time.


With a customized nutrition plan designed especially for you, even the smallest changes in your diet can yield big results.