Meet Mary Kim-Garrity

Mary Kim-Garrity is Co-owner and Founder of Zen Den Medical™

A very special family and upbringing carved a unique career path for Mary Kim-Garrity. The daughter of an Olympic trainer and a MD PhD who also embraces Eastern medicine, Mary has built a career that marries her parent’s professions: she is a healer and an athletic trainer with more than 25 years’ experience.

Along the way in her work as a manual therapist, Mary has seen the need and created treatment regimens that improve how the brain and muscular-skeletal system work together to enhance movement, balance and agility—training that benefits athletes, the injured, and those suffering from chronic pain. She also has created therapies that focus on vision— improving depth perception and ensuring that both eyes are strong and working together—critical training for athletes. Mary understands that the eyes are the gateway to the brain, and mind and body must be in sync for movement. Without that, people succumbs to injury and chronic pain.

In addition to maintaining a very busy practice, Mary conducts lecture series for physical trainers and college coaches at universities around the country, teaching her revolutionary therapies. She also consults college scouts about injury in athletes.