Concussions & Brain Trauma Treatment


The brain is our most powerful tool but the least understood.

Many schools and athletic clubs provide computer concussion baseline testing, and this is a good start. At Zen Den Medical, however, we provide a functional neurology screening specific to concussion. It is more than taking a computer test. Our functional neurology screening includes testing for eye dilation, balance, neck pain, spinal reflexes, spinal stability, visual reflexes, and vestibular reflexes.

When someone is concussed, we recommend undergoing our functional neurology screening as soon as possible after the incident. As treatment, clients can run through our protocol as often as daily. We customize a recovery plan for every client. We can reactivate brain – body movement and function that have gone awry. We are confident that our intervention protocol is effective, because we have had thousands of clients experience positive outcomes with our program. The results are beyond impressive. We literally re-boot or reactivate sensory reflexes on the spot.

Brain Trauma Treatment

We treat brain injury at Zen Den Medical through our NeuralFX™ Functional Neurology Program. Through careful assessment, we are able to determine which areas of a person’s nervous system are weak, and we customize a treatment protocol to improve the quality of how the nervous system functions. We determine which brain-to-body neural pathways aren’t working properly, and we rewire them.