About NeuralFX™

Functional Neurology Physical Therapy

NeuralFX™​ is our Functional Neurology Physical Therapy method created by Mary Kim-Garrity, co-owner of Zen Den Medical. This therapy has changed the lives of thousands of people. Through careful assessment, we are able to determine which areas of a person’s nervous system are weak, and we customize a treatment protocol to improve the quality of how the nervous system functions. We determine which brain-to-body neural pathways aren’t working properly, and we rewire them to enhance movement and mobility.

Pain means your brain is in need of a systematic assessment and repair, so it can re-boot and verify that all neural connections are intact to naturally dissipate the pain.

Our patients vary from children, to seniors, from professional athletes, to the average golfer simply trying to improve his or her game.  NeuralFX™ has been effective treating neck pain, back pain, vertigo, and so many other ailments that impede both physical performance and the enjoyment of daily activities.