Functional Medicine

A unique approach to care

Functional Medicine is a different approach from the existing health care insurance model. Conventional Medicine is truly a disease-care model, and Functional Medicine is a modern health care model.

 The Functional Medicine model requires a unique approach to your care that can not be accomplished in a standard 10-15 minute visit. We give you our time and focus on root-cause medicine. Our practitioners are in-network with some insurance plans. Often the time it takes to deliver you an individualized support plan is not completely covered by insurance. Most Functional Medicine clinics across the globe are cash-based, and do not accept any insurance.

Our clinic will do our best to get as much of your care covered as your insurance plan allows. See our accepted Insurance Plans.

If your insurance company does not pay for any portion of your treatment, you will be responsible for the charges. It is your responsibility to be aware of what services are covered.

Functional Medicine Extended Time, Customized Support Plans & Lab Reviews

Extended Time Code 99354

Some visits are longer than the standard office visit codes provided by insurance companies. Your practitioner creates a typed-up Interpretation of Lab Results, including a Support Plan prior to “Review of Findings” appointments. These documents are customized and created for each individual and take more time than the allotted standard office visit codes used for all insurance companies.

We understand that insurance benefits and billing can be confusing so if you have questions about your benefits or coverage, please reach out to your insurance company prior to your appointments.