DNA Fitness Test

You are as unique as your DNA.

DNA testing results help you to optimize your overall health, wellness, and fitness.

So, when it comes to your health don’t rely on what might work for the masses. Learn about your personal genetic makeup and identify effective therapies that specifically address your symptoms, your health and your fitness goals. The DNA in your chromosomes holds thousands of genes, each of which codes for a specific protein aligned with specific body functions.

Molecular Testing Labs provides a comprehensive report to help you understand your genetic makeup and make informed decisions in regard to nutrition and activity.

When you place an order for a DNA Collection Kit, you’ll receive the kit within 3-5 business days via USPS.   The kit includes sterile swabs, instructions for collecting samples, and sending the samples to the testing labs. Within 10 days of receipt of your samples, you can expect a comprehensive report with results by email from our partner, Molecular Testing Labs.

As part of your DNA Collection Kit purchase at Zen Den Medical, you are authorizing our partner, Molecular Testing Labs, to share your DNA test results with Zen Den Medical.  See our privacy policy. Once you receive your report, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our Medical Staff for an expert interpretation of your report and recommendations for a personalized treatment plan to address findings.

Gain insight and prioritize your health.

If you know where your strengths are, you can leverage them. If you know where your challenges are, you can focus your efforts to minimize them.

  • Learn your personal risk for certain types of injury, or excessive pain and soreness, following certain types of training and provide you with ideas to eliminate or reduce the risks.
  • Understand the types of activity that your body will respond to positively to optimize your fitness regimen.
  • Learn how to tailor your diet; how your body digests, processes, burns food as fuel.
  • Learn about your nutritional deficits, sensitivities, and make a plan to correct them.
  • Learn how your diet or changes in your diet will effect your body, your energy levels, and your overall wellness.

How to Take the Test

It starts with a simple cheek swab.

1. Swab

When you place your order, we mail you a collection kit with four cheek swabs and a simple requisition form.

2. Send

Once you’ve collected your samples, you then mail the samples back to our lab in a pre-paid envelope.

3. Report

When we’ve processed your results, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your results.

4. Consult

Meet with Zen Den Medical Staff to review findings and plan your personalized treatment.

Please note: Medical consultations, DNA report analysis, and follow-up treatments prescribed by our medical staff are not included in the purchase of the DNA Collection Kit.