Bio Baseline

Testing Package

Assess your overall gastrointestinal health with this comprehensive package.


This package includes a comprehensive look at your overall gastrointestinal health, nutrient levels, and food sensitivities. The package is priced at a discount of 10% off the total cost of individual testing services: Gut Zoomer 3.0, Micronutrients, Complete Food Sensitivities.

Schedule a Telehealth Consult with our clinicians to select this, or another set of panels that would best assess your symptoms.

Included in the Bio Baseline package:

Complete Food Profile
(210 foods)

A whole protein extract test for sensitivity to 210commonly consumed foods through both IgG and IgA immunoglobulin.


This panel includes testing for levels of all of the critically important vitamins and minerals. Intracellular and extracellular testing to expose deficiencies or confirm adequate nutrient levels. *Please note this test is available only via laboratory blood draw

Gut Zoomer

A unique opportunity to take a close look at the microbial world that exists in our gut, and how it affects our daily functions.