Anti-aging & Brain Health Tests

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Neural Zoomer $249

The is the most comprehensive neurological degeneration and autoimmune screening tool available, with 48 antibodies to various structural and functional elements in the brain and nervous system. Aids in identifying antibodies including those responsible for dementia (memory loss) blood brain barrier disruption, neuropathies and inflammation.

NeuroTransmitters Advanced $299

This panel is geared to assess the underlying imbalances in neurotransmitters found in common chronic inflammatory conditions.

Urinary Hormones and Metabolites $475

To assess the status of hormones and their precursors and metabolites found in inflammatory, immunological, and metabolic dysfunction.

Salivary Hormones $249

A standard 4-point saliva collection to complement Neurotransmitter or Urinary hormone testing, including cortisol and other diurnal hormones.