Innovative Testing

Assess Your Health & Make a Plan

The advancement of new age testing and measuring technology allows us to look at the body on a microscopic level.

Every individual has a unique makeup at both the nutritional and biochemical levels. Therefore, we use several innovative methods to assess your health and utilize the results to guide development of a customized treatment plan.   With Christina Knight, FNP-BC at the helm of our holistic testing, our medical team will work with you to identify treatment modalities to alter the unique biochemical conditions that drive many diseases and restore optimal health.

Our innovative testing uncovers the underlying causes of your symptoms, allowing us to address your specific gut health, brain health, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, hormone levels, and prescribe effective treatments aligned with your unique DNA and cellular makeup. 

Getting Started
  1. Schedule a consultation (Telehealth sessions are available)

  2. Review your overall health history and wellness goals

  3. Specific testing will be recommended based on findings

  4. Review test results and develop a customized treatment plan

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